Meet the Founder

Dr. Rima Kittley is a board-certified family medicine physician. She is also an herbalist as well as board-certified in holistic medicine. Dr. Kittley is comfortable working with people of all ages. She believes in treating the whole person through a combination of traditional and complementary methods. As part of her holistic approach to medicine, she emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise.

Each patient receives an individualized care plan which may include the use of prescription medications, vitamins and/or supplements, and diet modifications.

Dr. Kittley takes the time to listen to your questions about your health. She wants to help you fix the problem, not just medicate it. She wants to help you feel better!

But don't stay away because you couldn't do what she asked the first time. Together, she and you can figure out what you CAN do for your health.

Rima Kittley, MD